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You want to do what’s best for your family. So do we.

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If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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Thru diffusing dda in the icing although acting heads into cripple maven, storytellers can geographically prettily resemble app blemish shining connections before linux app unto business-critical emissions. For anyone who wants to monitor text messages, call information and GPS locations of their Apple iPhone in complete stealth, this software does the job. There is very little this slim app can't figure out, and it can completely hide itself from your intended target so they never know it's there.

If you don't mind paying a price for this sort of power, this app is one of the best spying apps you can find. You cannot download or install iSpyoo if the iPhone is not jailbroken. Please see the Additional Requirements about jailbreaking.

How To Monitor Text Messages On Iphone ✉ How To Monitor Your Kid's Iphone Or Android Text Messages

Please ask us more at support iSpyoo. For example install a spyware remotely without keep in hand physically the target phone. You will only need the iCloud credentials to enable the iCloud monitoring. It is only available in a 1-month license. Its iPhone version lets you spy on the text messages without installing the app. Of course, you will need iCloud credentials of the device you want to monitor and read their text messages.

You will have to choose the No-Jailbreak Package to spy on the text messages without installing the software. It helps you track their location, apply geo-fencing, block apps, limit screen time and monitor other things from the target device.

No jailbreak is required. You will need the iCloud ID and password of the device to monitor their messages. You can go for either the monthly plan or annual plan. SpyMaster Pro is a cell phone monitoring software that lets you track the phone remotely. You will be spying on the iPhone using a remote control panel. This app is being widely used by families and businesses. You can read messages on another iPhone remotely without having to install this app. SpyMaster Pro is compatible with all iPhones versions. It is available in 3 months subscription.

This is a cell phone tracking and spying software that lets you track another device and access their text messages calls, GPS, instant messages, and more. Its iPhone version lets you keep tabs on another iPhone and read its text messages from a remote location. You will get access free access to the app for a lifetime.

Top 3 Free SMS Trackers for iPhone 12222

It supports iPhone monitoring so you can read text messages of another iPhone from a remote location without installing a software. It also uses iCloud credentials to support monitoring. Flexispy supports all versions up to 9. For those using the latest iOS, this app might not be the right choice. Flexispy is available in 2 versions — Premium and Extreme. See Also: Which one is better: Xnspy or Flexispy? The process of spying on iPhone text messages is pretty similar no matter what spying app you choose.

The differences lie in customer support, compatibility, features, and pricing. Xnspy lets you check the all the incoming and outgoing calls with their time and date stamps.

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You can check the name of the contact and their phone number. You can read the emails on the default email browser i. Xnspy will provide you access to all sent and received emails. You can also track the location of the target phone user. You will get access to the location history log that shows all the places the monitored device has stopped including the time details for all the visits.

Xnspy also offers geo-fencing that allows you to restrict the device from entering certain zones. You receive a notification whenever they enter or exit a certain location. You will get to monitor the internet browsing history of the monitored device. You can also check their bookmarks and top 10 most visited URLs in case you just want to have a glimpse of what they are doing on the web. You can access the calendar on the device to check their schedule and appointments and you can also view videos and photos downloaded on the phone.

Xnspy also allows you to remotely control the monitored device. Here are the remote control functions you can perform:. Device locking: You can lock the target device to stop your child from using the device when they are doing homework or having dinner. View installed apps: You can check what apps have been installed on the device you are trying to monitor.

This will let you take a peek into their preferences. Remotely wipe device data: This feature is mostly used when the device has been lost. To protect the privacy and to keep your personal or corporate data safe, you can factory reset the phone and wipe everything. Block apps: If you have found inappropriate apps on the device, you can remotely block them and the user will not be able to access them in any way.

Take screenshots: To create evidence of a specific phone activity, you can also remotely take a screenshot. Now that you know the features of Xnspy and price, you will be glad to know that it is one of the highly compatible spying apps for iPhone out there. It supports iOS versions 6. Home Spy iPhone messages without software.

Step 3: Log into the Xnspy Web Account After you are done with step 2, it is time to log into the Xnspy web account by visiting cp. Step 4: Pair the iPhone To actually spy on iPhone text messages without installing software, you must pair their device. Access even the deleted messages with Xnspy! Buy Now. Other ways to spy on iPhone text messages without installing a software There is no other way to spy on the text messages of another iPhone without using a spy app.

Here are the top names you will find: 1.

New Free Monitoring Software to Spy on Apple iPhone 8 Plus Calls and Texts

Spyzie Spyzie is a parental control solution that lets you track the activity of any smartphone from your own device. Compatibility mSpy is compatible with all iOS versions. Price You will have to choose the No-Jailbreak Package to spy on the text messages without installing the software. SpyMaster Pro SpyMaster Pro is a cell phone monitoring software that lets you track the phone remotely.