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Screen Time creates detailed daily and weekly Activity Reports that reveal how much time you're using with different apps.


The tool was created to "[empower] customers with insight into how they are spending time with apps and websites," according to Apple. The tool also allows parents to monitor and control their children's usage. Here's how:. You can also set up Screen Time through Family Sharing so you can get weekly reports and set limits from your main family organizer device.

10 Apps for Parents to Monitor Kids' Mobile Use - FamilyEducation

Open the Settings app on the device you want to monitor then tap Screen Time. Tap "Turn On Screen Time. Set up or skip the various Screen Time features. Screen Time features a variety of additional tools for controlling usage: Downtime - This allows you to schedule a time away from your child's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your permission will be required if your child wants more time with their device.

Of course, you have her in your contacts with her phone number and email, etc.

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Also, when you enable this, each phone will initially get a push notification from Apple letting you know which device is using which phone number or email so make sure you wait for that and clear it before handing back to your child. Beware of the process! There are bugs and it does take some care and feeding to get it right. Between iOS 7 — 9. We hope this will allow you to have some additional oversight. It can also be abused, so if you find your child or teen is in need of more oversight, use the above trick to be more involved and aware.

Interested in more posts on modern parenting and technology? Click on our categories below to explore our over articles. Skip to content Customer Login Get Support. Monitoring Apple iMessages. Share Tweet Pin shares. Table of Contents. Read our brand new Ultimate Guide to Blocking Porn. This post was written on: May 13, Prev Read Last. Read Next Next. What Parent's Have to Say:.

Top 10 iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps

Thank you so much for the quick [support] turnaround, and what a cool app for parents like me that are on the go and not always in front of a computer. Thanks to Netsanity for listening and enabling new solutions! We were very happy that there was no issue with using data with the VPN used by net sanity.

I'm already certain I'd recommend net sanity to others. Thanks to the tech and support team for promptly communicating with us for several hours to solve the safe search issue - and resolving it! I got a call on a Sunday last week from Netsanity support - on a Sunday! Anyway I was not sure how to set it up and the tech was awesome and super friendly.

How to track your kids with your iPhone

Its not often anyone calls you back, especially on a weekend. Great customer service - thanks. Awesome customer service - again! Had a weird setting on the iPhone and Les helped me fix it in 20 seconds! Thanks so much! I asked for Meet Me to be added to Appblocker. A few days later, I got an email from Netsanity that they were going to add it and they did!

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That is cool! Thanks again. Just a shout out and thank you for the discount! Our small school has about 8 tablets for special needs children. We use Netsanity exclusively to help monitor and control the content on the kid's iPads.

They do not need to do anything and we control everything remotely.