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The platform supports web interface, allowing administrators to overview an entire workforce and a built-in messaging system is there to provide easy communication between office and field employees. Of course, Hellotracks offers much more. With it, you can keep track of every employee, assign them jobs and follow them as that work progresses. On the other hand, the mobile app allows workers to easily notify administrators when they complete assignments and provides them with all the information they may require regarding upcoming work. The app facilitates easy communication between team members, enables accurate turn-by-turn navigation which in turn allows workers to complete jobs quicker and be more productive.

While Hellotracks is an excellent choice for field service businesses, it lacks some common features such as screenshot taking, app and web monitoring, online timesheets and other features that could be useful in monitoring office employees. MyGeoTracking is another employee GPS tracking system that focuses on field businesses, but unlike Hellotracks it does feature some options of interest for those who work in the field as well as a couple of options that can be used by office-centric businesses.

MyGeoTracking offers a web platform to monitor your workforce as well as support for practically every smartphone OS through its mobile app. The platform offers a variety of features such as real-time GPS tracking, custom routes, on-demand location, a visual dashboard capable of showing every bit of data about any employee, as well as many custom reports that show any info tied to tasks such as mileage or the number of customer visits on any worksite.

Its mobile app can ease the workload of any business. It provides a quick and easy way for workers to collect virtually any type of data and share it with administrators, it allows them to communicate with the rest of their team, and to generate automatic reports. The platform is great for businesses that require employees to stay on worksites because it features geofencing, site attendance and it allows for the setting up of custom work rules that can be assigned to every group as well as to single employees.

MyGeoTracking is a perfect choice for field businesses and although it offers a huge number of features, it still lacks some options needed for the office-centric business.

2. Hellotracks

Its lack of automatic screenshot capture, web and app monitoring, and the fact that it does not integrate with project management solutions makes myGeoTracking just short of being a perfect all-around app for any type of business. Timr is an employee and project time tracking solution that also includes some basic employee GPS tracking features. The platform is great for office businesses as it focuses on productivity, time tracking, and project management.

The platform features an excellent web solution that allows administrators to easily track time for each individual employee, as well as track absences, vacations, and it facilitates the easy creation of time sheets. Time tracking can be integrated with payroll accounting, and holidays, vacations, and absences will be automatically counted when creating payroll reports. Timr also supports project time tracking that can be managed from the Timr web app. The features include - managing tasks, time budgets and tracking employees working on individual projects.

The web app allows administrators to create detailed reports and analyses capable of providing handy info regarding time spent on each project, as well as recording every single project-related expense. Mobile tracking apps are available for every smartphone OS and they offer time tracking and GPS tracking features.

Employees can track their work hours, as well as mileage and routes taken. Real-time GPS tracking is available, but employees can also manually record mileage. While not offering advanced employee GPS tracking features, Timr is still a great time tracking app for office-centric businesses and also offers GPS tracking. It lacks some advanced monitoring features, messaging functions for team members, and integration with project management platforms. Vismo is a bit different than the rest of the platforms shown in this guide. Instead of trying to offer a complete package, Vismo is focusing on the security of your employees while they are in the field.

It includes lots of security-related features along with specialized GPS tracking hardware. No time sheets, a centralized web hub for monitoring your workforce, no payroll integration or project management tools. Vismo is all about employee security, making the platform great for security firms, rescue teams and public services that face dangerous situations.

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The platform features mobile apps as well as tracking apps for most satellite phones. These can track your employees, record their locations, send you alerts and even track employees indoors. Each app supports two-way communication so that administrators can check on employees and employees can communicate with administrators. Vismo supports geofencing and the app can send alerts each time a worker moves out of the geofenced area, or when they switch countries. A special panic button feature is available in each app as well as their standalone product.

Vismo cares about personal privacy and supports Privacy Mode so users can choose when to be tracked. Panic Button mode can be used even when Privacy Mode is on. The RiteSquad mobile app is an employee activities reporting app that can easily track and verify the whereabouts and actions of your workforce team on the road. Mobile App works with or without internet connectivity with offline mode.

11 of The Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps

The RiteSquad mobile app software was developed by Ivant Technologies , a software firm based in the Philippines and specializes in the development of custom business software. The Company was established in and currently works with hundreds of small, medium and big business clients in the Philippines and other countries to develop custom web-based and mobile app solutions.

Address: Unit Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Email Us: info ritesquad. By Fredrick Cameron Fredrick is the writer of this article. He is a It is said that time is money, something that small businesses need the most. There are many systems put in place for time tracking and management.

When we talk about portable time tracking systems, we mean employee tracking apps that can be installed either on a smartphone or a tablet.

What Are The Benefits of Using Employee GPS Tracking Apps?

There are various apps on the market today that can help you track your employees working hours and movement. Depending on your needs, there are those that offer facial recognition clock in, employee alerts in case they forget to clock in and even payment integration. Here are some of the top employee tracking apps available on the today's market Timesheet is perhaps one of the oldest and most recognizable time tracking app.

Options available include monitoring projects, creating notes and adding breaks. Timedoctor is an employee monitoring software where you can track your employees working time. This app gives you an x-ray view of what your employees are doing during their working hours, details of the websites they are visiting, amount of time taking for each task and to an extent where you can even track the employee's GPS location.

6 Employee Tracking Apps That Can Benefit Small Businesses In - The Next Scoop

One of the advanced features include screenshot which also integrates mouse and keyboard stroke activity of the employees. Also, it allows to create a payroll inside the application. You can also try out the 14 days trail to find if Timedoctor is a good fit for you. Husbtaff and Timedoctor are the two most popular apps in the market today. The app has a mobile version built with GPS tracking and geofences.