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Nokia's flagship smartphone is also picking up some of the downsides of modern flagship design.

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The aluminum sides are nice, but it has a fragile glass rear panel and there's no headphone jack or MicroSD card. So while the Nokia 9 isn't going to win any awards for the hardware design, the camera is a standout feature, and the phone will live or die by its photo performance. There are plenty of multi-camera phones out there, but their approach is the equivalent of a photographer's lens kit—something like the Galaxy S10 has multiple lenses that are all different, and you can imitate a real photographer by swapping from a normal lens to wide angle to telephoto, just like on a DSRL.

Does Nokia Plus have removable battery? |

HMD's approach is different. You press the shutter button, and the Nokia 9 takes a photo with each lens, the software mashes all five photos together, and outputs a single, better photo. This is called "image stacking," and it's the same technique that Google has been doing on the Pixel and Nexus cameras for some time, albeit with a single lens. HMD's hardware-based approach to image stacking comes with some interesting implementation details. This has never really been done on a commercial smartphone before—and for good reason.

The Snapdragon in the Nokia 9 allows you to connect up to seven cameras total , but you're only allowed to use two at once. The Nokia 9 camera is not just built on Qualcomm's camera interface, though. With the Light chipset, the Nokia 9 takes five simultaneous pictures—60 megapixels worth of data—and then downmixes them into a megapixel photo with more dynamic range and better light performance than you could get from a single photo.

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HMD says the five sensors can collect "up to times the amount of light than a single sensor of the same type. Google has a single camera, though, so it's doing "temporal" image stacking—taking several pictures, one after another, several times a second. Nokia's simultaneous image stacking should have less trouble with moving objects—something Google has needed to account for in its image-processing algorithm. HMD says it can collect up to MP of data which still gets down-mixed to 12MP which would suggest the five 12MP cameras take four shots each, for a total of 20 frames of data. Huawei P30 is said to come with as many as four rear cameras on the back.

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Nokia 9 PureView - THIS is what FIVE Cameras can do.

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Contemporary epicentre of terror: Naidu on Pakistan. Sophia the robot, fashioned after Audrey Hepburn, visits India. Glitch busters: Indians are acing it as bug bounty hunters. In depth mode you can take a "full 12MP depth map" that contains 1, different layers of depth. This all gets bundled up into Google's " GDepth " depth map format and uploaded to Google Photos, where you can adjust depth of field and add bokeh days, weeks, or years after a photo is taken. The multiple layers of depth should result in better depth shots.

The Google Pixel's portrait mode only computes for two layers of depth —the subject and the background—so the entire background is evenly blurred. That's not how depth of field works though. With 1, different layers of depth instead of two, things that are further away from the camera can be blurred more, and things that are closer can be blurred less. HMD said it had to team up with Google to make all this work in Google Photos, since it is really pushing the limits of Google's GDepth format with so many layers.

FamilyTime app reviews 12222: How it works for iOS and Android

There are lots of fun things happening in the camera software, too. HMD teamed up with Adobe to make a camera profile for the Android version of Lightroom, so you can accurately develop photos right on your phone. HMD also has a new Pro Camera UI on the Nokia 9, allowing for exposure times of up to 10 seconds you'll definitely need a tripod , time lapse photography, and lots of manual mode adjustments.

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Of course, none of these specs and info can answer the real question about the Nokia 9: Are five cameras really better than one? Putting five cameras on a device is expensive, so HMD will really need to justify this decision with some amazing images. Will this crazy new camera setup really turn in photos that are better than the Pixel 3 competition?